It’s Christmas!!!

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We have just been able to restock our ever popular six colour starter pack, just in time for Christmas. (Phew… 😃) The 6 colour pack is without any doubt a perfect way to start experimenting with this beautiful paint. It contains 6 jars à 30ml of Titanium White, Azo Yellow, Naphthol Red, Phthalo Green, Ultramarine Blue and Carbon Black. And these little jars go a long way, as the paint contains such a high amount of pigment.

We will be able to deliver in time for Christmas inside the UK. For orders from outside the UK we unfortunately cannot guarantee it will arrive in time for Christmas, as we are in the hands of couriers and customs agencies whose services leave a lot to be desired these days.

We were lucky over the last 2 weeks and have been able to get the merchandise to clients in Greece, France and Germany within 5 days, in all cases without customs charging import VAT, which is the way it should be. Cuní Colours are manufactured in Spain and thus are tariff free. Unfortunately it’s still a bit the Wild West out there and hiccups based on ignorance can still happen. We really hope the situation gets sorted out soon once and for all. If there’s something we want for Christmas, it’s definitely that!

But anyhow, we will prevail and make sure, that this historically important artist paint keeps being available for all.