Pedro Cuní Original Nº 2

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ARTIST SUPPORT PLEDGE #2: New York based artist Pedro Cuní, one of the key figures to bring the ancient watersoluble encaustic media back into our world, is taking part in the brilliantly thought out #artistsupportpledge. After having sold his first original piece in a matter of hours, we are delighted to show you the most recent painting he has made available to purchase for the exceptional price of £200 (+ postage from the US and optional framing). Should you be interested to get your hands onto one of his rarely available artworks, please get in touch with us and we shall put you in contact with him. Alternatively you can contact him directly via his Instagram account, link below. Here is the second available piece titled ‘We Deliver’. Judging by the speed the previous piece went, we really do recommend to be quick if you are interested. #pedrocuní #encaustic_cuni #watersoluble #encaustic #artistpaint #cunicolours

Size | 13.5×20.2 cm
Material | Encaustic Cuni
on Korean Traditional Paper-Jang-ji Paper
Price | £ 200

Pedro Cuni’s Instagram |