create intense diluted brushstrokes and clean tones


    create thick impastos that won't change shape during drying


You can purchase Cuní Water Soluble Wax Paint in our online shop. Cuní uses only top quality pigments. The Cuní medium binds more pigments than any other paint medium out there, so this paint is a true pigment bomb 😀. Try it out and get blown away by the brilliance and colour saturation of this stunning, non toxic artist paint. And don't forget: Free UK Shipping on orders over 15£!


If you are interested in adding this beautiful and historically important artist paint to your range, please email us to info@paintclub.co.uk for our trade price list. This impressive paint medium does most certainly deserve its place alongside oil and acrylics

Workshops, Schools + Art Courses

If you would like to use Cuní's Water-soluble Encaustic Paint in your workshop, class or art course, please get in touch with us via info@paintclub.co.uk.. We are offering a special discount on all Cuní products for educational purposes.

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