create intense diluted brushstrokes and clean tones


    create thick impastos that won't change shape during drying


Cuní uses only top quality pigments. As the Cuní medium binds more pigments than any other paint medium out there, this paint is a true pigment bomb 😀. It doesn't matter how thick or thin you apply the paint, the colours stay just as vibrant. Try it out for yourself and get blown away by the brilliance and colour saturation of this stunning, non toxic artist paint.💥 You can purchase Cuní Water Soluble Wax Paint in our online shop. And don't forget: Claim your free UK Shipping on orders over 15£ at checkout! GET PAINTING!!

A warm welcome to our friends in Asia

As our friends and colleagues from Cuni Encaustics Asia a currently experiencing stock shortage due to effects of pandemic, we are honoured to help out some artists of the Asian Cuní community until Cuní Encaustic Asia is able to restock. As a little welcome to the Asian community here is a brief note from Ling Hsu, Director of Taipei based Cuní Encaustic Asia, to her estimated customers: 感謝您長久以來對 Cuni 的支持與購買, 由於新冠肺炎疫情影響全球, 部分地區發生缺貨情形, 造成您的不便, 我們深感抱歉. 更謝謝您在這艱難的時期, 使用英國 Paint Club 線上網站購買亞洲地區已缺貨之 Cuni 產品. 英國 Paint Club 於第一時間提出支援亞洲 Cuni, 我們真的非常感動. Encaustic Cuni 是全球的, 不論哪個國家, 哪一地區, 包括愛Cuni的每位藝術家, 我們都是一家人. 讓我們一起共體時艱! 一起平安度過這個全球災難. 非常感謝您的支持~

Covid 19

The current crisis is hitting so many of us hard, and we are certainly not immune to emerging issues. The manufacturing of Cuní Colours is currently paused due to Covid 19 and we are running low on stock on several colours. We very much hope that you'll bear with us until the manufacturing starts again. Fortunately each 40ml tube lasts for a loooong time, so I hope that most of you won't be affected by this temporary shortage. We are sorry for any inconvenience. Your Paint Club Team 😷

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