Artist Support Pledge

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Launched by the UK artist Matthew Burrows ( is a fabulous initiative to support struggling artists in these challenging times. The concept is simple. You post images of your own original work you are willing to sell for £200. Every time you reach £1000, you pledge to buy another artist’s work for £200.

ARTIST SUPPORT PLEDGE now has over 100,000 posts and has generated an estimated £20 million for artists and makers across the globe. To hear more about ASP go to the podcast: and click on interview  to read see: and

We think this is SUCH a brilliant idea. Our own Pedro Cuní has joined the bandwagon and sells some of his beautiful original artwork through his instagram account. His instagram handle is @encaustic_cuni, if you’re interested to have a look (the one pictured below has been sold already, but he posts updates almost daily). Not only does it give struggling artists a way to survive in times of crisis, it also makes for an amazing showcase of contemporary art. So, a big round of applause for Matthew.

We are also very happy to add an extra page to our website and add all your artworks you’d like to sell to give you extra exposure if that helps. If you are interested for us to do so, please mail [email protected]

Join in!!