Jabeen Ghauri

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We will continue our trend to write about some of the outstanding artists that have joined us in our club. One of the latest is Surrey based Jabeen Ghauri. In her own words: “My work is influenced by my life in East Africa and my love of the outdoors. I am attracted to light in nature and portray it with colour. I enjoy the challenge of depicting movement, invoking a sense of drama into a piece. My subjects are as varied as my techniques. More than an image, I seek to bring out an essence. Mingling textures with smooth flowing washes, I let my paintings evolve layer by layer.” Her art has repeatedly been shown among others at the Bowman Gallery in Richmond. Have a look at her work at http://www.jabeenghauri.com, it’s really worth it. And not only does she produce wonderful art, she also gives classes. If you’re interested to learn her magic touch, get in touch with her at jabeenart@gmail.com.