Medium back in Stock tomorrow!!

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After a bumper sale of Cuní’s medium in the last month, which saw us running out (I know – baaaaad!!!) we are delighted to announce that it will be finally back in stock tomorrow!!

This medium binds more pigments than ANY other medium out there. So if you like your colours to pack a punch – this is for you.

And if you like to work mixed media, it is the right medium for you. Cuní water soluble encaustic paint can be blended with acrylic paint, oil paint (both conventional and water-mixable), watercolour, casein and egg, glue and gum tempera colours and media. They can be applied on paintings done in any of these materials. In some cases when the water soluble encaustic stroke applied is very diluted, it can slip on the other material, thus requiring the application of a higher viscosity layer. Acrylics, oils, egg temperas and caseins can be applied on water soluble encaustic paintings.

But don’t worry – For everybody who’s not reallyt into mixing their own colours, there is a collection of 30 beautifully vibrant Cuní Colours available. Ready for those autumn colours??