Susanne Liddle

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Today we are impressed by this beautiful piece by Susanne Liddle. This mixed media artwork is based on the Welsh legend of Blodeuwedd,  also known as ‘the woman made of flowers who is turned into an owl.’

Susie’s testimony tells us how she combined Cuní’s watersoluble encaustics with hot wax encaustics to a stunning effect. In her own words:

‘I  am not really a painter but come from a printmaking background. I have mainly been working in encaustic for the last couple of years. I am using the Cuni colours to paint below the hot wax encaustic and also for finer detail as this is almost impossible to achieve with hot wax.’

Have a look at this work-in- progress picture side by side with the final piece to illustrate how Susie has worked the layers:

‘The portrait and the background flowers were painted with Cuni and then there are about three layers of clear encaustic medium on top which does give it a lovely soft glow. The ‘feathers’ are cut from encaustic monoprints that I made especially and collaged on with encaustic medium. I then used a shellac burn technique to enhance them. The roses, bird and butterflies are collage (from paper napkins actually) and everything else painted…a real mixed media piece.’

Susanne has entered her Blodeuwedd into a competition at the end of the month at Moma in Machynlleth. We wish her the best of luck to get this beautiful lady of the flowers selected….